Kristen + Jack Adams // Wedding

Kristen + Jack— a picture of true can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of LOVE! Seriously one of the best couples ever. Kristen is not only hands down one of the sweetest brides I’ve ever had, but she has become a friend to me throughout this process and I am so incredibly thankful for that. This whole day was full of tender and special moments from start to finish. Kristen and Jack are each so loved and supported by their families that there were lots of happy tears on this big day for them. Such sweet and emotional times shared that they will all remember forever. Most of all though, everyone was just SO excited for this day to be here because they had been dating since high school! They didn’t want to see each other before the wedding so they had a sweet first touch. It was so cute because Jack literally couldn't stop himself from trying to sneak a peek around the corner of the door to look at Kristen multiple times! They were both beaming with smiles all day long because they couldn’t hold in their excitement that this day was here! Their outdoor venue was the most stunning. It was a beautiful outdoor green area with a pond nearby where we took their bride + groom pictures. One of my favorite moments of the whole day was when Jack saw Kristen for the first time as she walked down the aisle. He just couldn’t keep it together and was crying tears of pure happiness that his bride was about to be his wife! All the emotions of joy, excitement, anticipation, awe, beauty, and love overcame him and Kristen in this ceremony and it was the most beautiful and pure hearted time to witness. There’s nothing like the genuine and selfless love that these two have for each other. Even when their wedding day had to be moved under cover because of thunderstorms these two couldn’t help but be joyful because all they wanted to do was become husband and wife at the end of the day. The rain didn’t have any effect on their pictures or the celebration + beauty of their special day together. These photos are some of my all-time favorites and I just love them both SO much. The reception was such a fun time and everyone was having so much fun celebrating the love this couple has for each other. Everyone held sparklers as they exited in the drizzling rain which made the end of the night even more romantic. All the love for Kristen + Jack as they start their new life together in Florida, I am so thankful to have sweet couples turned friends like them now!