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My name is Jordyn and this is my space for all things creative, beautiful, and inspiring. I'm a South Carolina native and a graduate of Clemson University, with a degree in Communication and Brand Creation. Those that know me know that I am a dreamer. Some of my loves include traveling, meeting people, watching movies, reading books, trying new foods, going to concerts, buying flowers- & of course documenting it all with photographs. I started photography at a young age and continued to learn and grow in this art throughout high school and college. I love working with people & I've always had a dreaming, creative, and visual side to my personality and skill sets. So, here I am now, taking people in love's pictures full time for a living and I couldn't be happier or more blessed. Obviously if you’re reading this, you know I love taking pictures of people in love, but the reason why is because I’m obsessed with stories.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved stories. I’d classify myself as a great lover of books, movies, music & people. I now know that it’s because my dreaming heart longs to be a part of the stories of people’s lives. My hope is that I get to participate in the story telling through this business of mine (which doesn’t ever feel like work if I’m being honest), and that my photographs share the stories of the the people I’m meeting, the things I’m learning, and the wonderful places that are asking to be explored in this beautiful world.

I'm so excited to continue my journey in photography through the years and cannot wait to meet the people who's stories I get to share, the love I get to capture, and the relationships I get to build through this platform. Although taking pictures is my ultimate love, that's not my only priority within this little business of mine - I want to make meaningful relationships with the people I get to work with. I want to cheer you on, love you, and get to know you genuinely, so that I can tell your story true to who you are. Authenticity is one of the highest values in my life, so I want to be myself and serve you with the gift of photography in a way that captures who you truly are, what you love, and what you value, while giving us each a new & lasting friendship for the years to come. 

I fully grasp that it's an absolute privilege to be the photographer to take pictures of the special moments in your life, and I'm absolutely honored every single time someone trusts me with those moments - big & small. With this being said, If you value these same things that I do, then I would love to talk to you about working together. Click the button to submit a contact form & slide into my inbox!


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Q & A


How would you describe your photography style?


I try to keep my pictures pretty similar to what I see in real life. So that means if it's bright and colorful where I'm shooting or if it's overcast with darker colors it's all pretty much going to come through in the way I take my pictures and the way I edit them. I love my pictures to have a richness and a creaminess to them that is a little bit more than what meets the eye in reality, but ultimately captures the moment true to real life. 


Are you willing to travel for photography?


Heck yes I am! I am willing to travel just about anywhere because I love exploring new places and getting out of my comfort zone. About half of my weddings are in the Greenville area and half are out of town. If you live in an area far away from Greenville, no worries at all! We can talk through what it will look like for me to travel to you for your wedding or session and figure out all those details. And if you live in a place I'm dying to visit or shoot at, there just might be some travel discounts involved (scroll down for some places I’m dying to visit), so don't be scared to fill out a contact form! 


What is your favorite thing to shoot on a wedding day?


I actually love shooting candid moments the most! Besides that, my other favorite pictures to shoot are bride and groom portraits and I love group bridal party pictures because I try to make them fun so we can have a good time and see the joy & celebration in the pictures!


Do you recommend doing a first look on a wedding day?


Okay, so I loveeee first looks. I think they are intimate and give brides and grooms time by themselves on the wedding day. But here’s the thing - everyone is different. So my first priority for your wedding day is always to help make your day exactly what you want it to be. So if tradition is super important to you, I’m never going to pressure you to do a first look and your day will still be so special and exactly what you want it to be!

If spending lots of time with your future spouse throughout your wedding day is the most important thing to you and having more time to get pictures together, then I am fully going to recommend doing a first look to give you guys that special time together and to help make your day personal and exactly what you want it to be. There are only certain instances when a first look is necessary in order to get the pictures we need (ex: winter when the sun sets earlier, when the ceremony is long and there is a lot of travel time to get to the reception location, etc.). If you would like to have my full pros/cons list for first looks I would love for you to ask me about it and we can chat.

Have another question I didn't cover? Ask me anything by submitting a contact form!




Let it be known that I LOVE to travel.

If you are getting married and planning a wedding or elopement at any of the following locations, there might just be a discount on a wedding photography package with your name on it! Check out my dream destinations to shoot at below:


Alaska (Anywhere)

Arizona (Horseshoe Bend, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Sedona)

California (San Francisco, Highway 1 Coastal Towns, Malibu, Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree)

Colorado (Rocky Mountains National Park, Denver, Aspen)

Hawaii (Anywhere)

Maine (Coastline)

Montana (Big Sky, Yellowstone)

New York (Anywhere in the city)

Oregon (Bend, Portland)

Rhode Island (Coastline)

Texas (Big Bend, Austin)

Utah (Salt Lake City, Salt Flats, Moab, Zion National Park)

Vermont (Anywhere)

Washington (Seattle, PNW coastline)


Belgium (Brugge, Brussels)

Caribbean Islands (Any U.S. or British Virgin Islands)

Canada (Montreal, British Columbia, Calgary)

France (Paris, Southern France)

Greece (Santorini, any of the islands)

Iceland (Anywhere)

Italy (Anywhere)

Mexico (Cancun or Cabo)

Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Southern coast)

Switzerland (Interlaken, Geneva)

United Kingdom (Anywhere)