Brennan and Mackenzie // Sunset Mountain Top Proposal

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged a session on here, but this weekend was so full of fun I had to share some of the pictures. I got to photograph one of my college roommates weddings on Saturday, but before that happened, I was hiding in the bushes on a mountain top Friday night in order to take pictures of some of my good friends getting engaged!

I’ve known Brennan since our freshman year at Clemson and he’s such a fun and loving friend to everyone around him. I recently have become good friends with his girlfriend (now fiancé!!) Mackenzie who moved to Greenville after graduating from UGA. I remember when these two started dating and I could tell (along with everyone else) that this girl had Brennan’s heart. About a month and a half ago, Brennan asked me if I would photograph their proposal and of course I told him I’d love to do that for them! Brennan put so much time and thoughtfulness into how the proposal happened, calling and texting me about details and plans, getting some of his best friends to scout out locations with him and help him get things together for the proposal and party afterwards. I went to the beach with Mackenzie and some of our friends the week before the proposal and she had absolutely no idea it was about to happen, which made it all the more fun and special. Hiding in a fort made out of bushes and branches that Brennan cut and built for me wait in, it was so fun to see Mackenzie’s jaw drop and eyes light up when they got to the lookout and she realized what was happening.

My favorite part about a proposal is the 5 minutes right afterwards when the emotions are flowing and everything from laughter to tears to squeals to jumping up and down and kissing and hugging happens because its just pure joy and happiness. It was so special to see the two of them so happy and in love and thankful to their friends and families for being a part of their special day. These pictures are some of my favorites because you can feel the emotions coming out of them and experience their joy as you look through them. I’m so happy for you Brennan and Mackenzie, and thanks for letting me be a part of this sweet memory with you guys!