About Me

My name is Jordyn and this is my space for all things creative, beautiful, and inspiring. I'm a graduate of Clemson University and a South Carolina native. Those that know me know that i am a dreamer. Some of my loves include traveling, meeting people, watching movies, reading books, trying new foods, going to concerts, buying flowers- & of course documenting it all with photographs. I started photography at a young age and continued to learn and grow in this art throughout high school and college. I love taking pictures of people and places because I enjoy the stories that they hold. 

I graduated from Clemson with a degree in Communication and Brand Creation. I love working with people & I've always had a dreaming, creative, and visual side to my personality and skill sets. It was clear to me after graduating that wedding photography is the industry I've been called to work in. So, here I am now, taking people in love's pictures full time for a living and I couldn't be happier or more blessed. I'm so excited to continue my journey in photography through the years and cannot wait to meet the people who's stories I get to hear, the love I get to capture, and the relationships I get to build. Although taking pictures is my ultimate love, that's not my only priority within this little business of mine - I want to make meaningful relationships with the people I get to work with and to serve you, cheer you on, love you, and get to know you in a way that not only helps me capture special moments in your life, but gives us each a new friendship for the years to come. 

I fully grasp that it's an absolute privilege to be the photographer to take pictures of the special moments in people's lives, and I'm honored anytime someone trusts me with those moments - big & small. With this being said, If you value these same things that I do, then I would love to talk to you about working together.

My hope for this platform is that I can participate in the story telling- of the things I'm learning, the people I'm meeting, and the wonderful places that are asking to be explored in this beautiful world. If you would like to follow along, you will likely see words and photographs as I try to convey the lessons I'm learning, the adventures the good Lord is taking me on, and the wonderful people I am meeting along the way.