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I’m hiring an intern! Keep reading for more info on the person I’m looking for to join my team this summer…

Job Description:

I’m looking for a part-time intern to join my team during the busiest season this summer. This position is administrative and creative, and I’m hopeful it will combine independent/remote work as well as in-person meetings (aka coffee shop hours). This position will be flexible and range from 5-10 hours per week.

My ideal intern…

I’m looking for someone that is responsible, friendly, a hard worker, and a dreamer. Someone who loves people, pretty things, and is highly self motivated. I hope that whoever interns for me will not only want to learn & grow in thier skills and experience during our time together, but will also want to become great friends throughout the process. I see our summer full of coffee shop & smoothie dates, face time calls, brainstorming all the creative and fun things I’m dreaming up for this little business of mine, and having lots of quality time to chat and work together. I’m looking for someone who is organized when it comes to their work, creative, and has a passion for loving people well. You will likely be my sounding board for ideas and plans, be my go to person for keeping my business organized, & will see the behind the scenes of what it takes to run a wedding photography business.

Job Responsibilities:


-Email management, calendar planning, book keeping, culling pictures from weddings/sessions for me to edit, help me brainstorm & plan future shoots/sessions


-Social media marketing on Pinterest, planning Instagram posts, posting blogs on my website, creating a database of my pictures to use for social media/marketing

Other opportunities if interested in wedding photography:

-Experience shooting with me, insight on editing & posing, opportunity to second shoot weddings for me.


-Has knowledge of branding/marketing/communications

-Can communicate effectively & timely via email

-Must be a self starter and able to accomplish work on your own time

-Is creatively inclined and has a passion for people, photography, & stories

-Can be flexible with hours/workload each week

-Owns/has access to a laptop computer

-Must be located in Greenville, SC or surrounding area

Extra qualifications (not required but highly valued):

-Has a passion for photography - weddings, couples, or lifestyle photography

-Wants to learn more about shooting & gain shooting experience

-Has photography equipment to shoot weddings (has at least a full frame camera & lens)

Internship Details


Flexible start and end dates depending on candidate

Approximate dates of internship are mid May-August 2019


Internship hours are week day hours and will range from 5-10 hours/week depending on the work at the time. I will communicate ahead of time what the hours/work load will for each week as it approaches. We will likely have set days/times that we meet in person & then the other hours for the week will be remote hours.


$12/hour with set hours depending on the week


Please fill out the application below to apply to be my intern! I’m looking forward to reading through your answers to these questions & talking with you in the coming months! Applications will be open until February 15th, 2019.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself & why you are interested in interning with me this summer!
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How would the people who know you best describe you?
What previous experience do you have that would make you the ideal person for this position?
What would you like to learn & what skills would you like to grow while you are interning for me?
Check any of the following programs/equipment that you know how to use:
Do you have an interest in learning more about wedding photography?
What's your favorite coffee shop in Greenville? We will likely be spending a lot of time here :)

I just want to say thank you…

If you’ve made it this far, I want to say thank you so much for supporting my business and keeping up with everything that is going on! I am so incredibly blessed by how my business has grown in the past year & is continuing to grow throughout this year and into next year already. I am excited for the future and so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and be able to bring someone under me to work with and become friends with through the coming months. I’m taking a big step of faith & trust through this process, but I believe my business is growing and ready for some much needed help, and I’m so excited to be able to love on my clients and do more than I am currently able to do by bringing someone else onto my team during this summer season. So stay tuned for more fun things coming this summer from Jordyn Schirripa Photography! Xoxo - Jordyn