New year, new blog?


Ever heard that phrase "new year, new me"? I'm not one to use that phrase often, I only think it's slightly ridiculous, but this year I am starting something new. If you have kept up with my writing or photography before then you know that I have used some various platforms to post my work. However, I have decided to switch everything over to this new site which I hope will be more cohesive and be a place for me to share the things I'm learning, the pictures I'm taking, and the places I'm going with those of you that would like to follow along. 

I hope that throughout this year I can grow creatively as I pursue photography, travel to various places, and continue through my last two semesters in college. My dream is that this site becomes my sort of journal and portfolio of what I am working on and the things I am learning throughout this time. So, if you're interested, look forward to seeing everything here on my blog feed. Whether it's a portrait session for a client, a post about something the Lord is teaching me, or pictures from everyday life or fun adventures, my plan is to be transparent and to encourage anyone that comes across my feed to pursue the gifts that they have been given and cultivate the opportunities they are presented. I have no doubt that this will be a learning process and I know that I will end up changing the looks of things many more times, but this is where I am choosing to start. As a friend recently told me, "Everything is continually a work in progress, but when you're patient, things will always continue to grow." And that's what I'm hoping for from this experience; growth personally, creatively, technically, & spiritually. So, stick around if you'd like to, hopefully you will have fun following along, see some amazing places, and meet some extraordinary people. 

Jordyn SchirripaComment